Färgfabriken is one of Swedens most progressive establishments for showing and discussing Art and Architechture. Färgfabriken is located in Liljeholmen in Stockholm, housed in a old paintfactory dating from the beginning of the 20th century. In 2010 Färgfabriken had a extensive renovation of the building including a new graphic identity.

1:2:3 was asked to design the new graphic identity for both the art space and the restaurant.

For us it became clear very early in the process that the soul of Färgfabriken is very deeply rooted in the actual building. The building has a great and well documented history and the actual architechture is something that is very strongly associated with Färgfabriken as a establishment.

We took of from the buildings industrial heritage when we designed the graphic identity, using methods and materials that had a strong connection to Färgfabrikens history.

The foundation of the identity is that everything in some way added upon an existing surface. The signage inside the building consists of a alphabet of rubber stamps, used to stamp information directly onto specified areas on the walls. A variety of stamps were also produced to create parts of the stationary, such as business cards, letterheads and envelopes.

The identity for the restaurant – Färgfabrikens Kafé – is a sibling to Färgfabriken. Instead of gray we use white and copper for the details in the signage and interior.

The objects have a strong mechanic feel to them with a way of construction that reveals the way they are assembled.