Graphic and Interior concept for Rio Cinema. Collaboration with Kristoffer Sundin

The concept consists of interior design and a graphic identity, both of which refer to the original design of the 1940′s cinema, but at the same time it introduces a space in transformation.

From beeing a cinema limited to one screening each night, Rios new aim is to offer a wider range of activities. The concept is designed so that it can be adjusted and altered depending on each activity. Opera night or café, film festival or conference centre.

For the foyer, 1:2:3 developed adaptable furniture and lighting. The room normally functions as a café, with the tables pulled apart and a lamp over each one. But if you sit down at a table and look around, you see that they fit together – they have a common, larger form. In a similar way the lamps can be bundled together to form a large chandelier.

For the graphic identity 1:2:3 designed a extensive signage system. The design of the new signage system was based on the idea of the cinema as a unique physical space in constant change. 1:2:3 has created an alphabet in three sizes which is used in sign boxes inside and outside of the cinema. All signs are written manually by the staff, the system makes the signs easy to change. By photographing them and using the photos in monthly printed programmes and newsletters, it creates a strong connection to the actual theatre Rio.

Photography by Erik Wåhlström