For Svanöfesten 2007 a temporary city was built up of 240 party tents. The city had a square, smaller alleys and a main street which were indicated by white lines, drawn with chalk. The tents were used as modules to be able to build new combinations and buildings. At nighttime different textures were projected on the tents which changed the city. The textures could be a forest, the sky, bricks or wood panel walls.

The idea connects with Svanös history, when in the 70′s the villagers proclaimed their own republic.

The city also had its own signage system which could be changed by its inhabitants. The front of the system is a letter and the back an architectural detail. The inhabitants  also got their own passport that was a poster and the city had its own currency with monumental buildings on one side and the currency on the other. The passport and the currency were printed on marbled paper.

The Svanöfesten 2007 project is a collaboration with Einar Åkerlind