Poster and 60 page screenprinted catalogue made for the exhibition “The Gauntlet” by John Duncan. The catalogue was printed in black and luminicent ink, which makes it possible to read two different versions of the book, one in daylight and one in darkness. The exhibitions deals with expectations of fear, and the fear of loosing control over a situation. These issues are brought to the catalogue with the use of the two different layers. One that you can see and control and one that only comes out when you dare to step into complete darkness.

1:2:3 also designed the poster for the exhibition, where different parts of the poster were higlighted depending on if you look at it during day- or night time.

“The exhibition ‘The Gauntlet’ is set in a renovated factory with an open floor space about 40×30 meters with a 7-meter ceiling, rendered lightless as a photographic darkroom, with seven infrared sensor controlled anti-theft alarms that become active every 10–15 minutes for a 5-minute interval. The visitors’ movements trigger them until the sound the alarms produce passes beyond the level of a warning and, for those ready to accept it as such, becomes an intriguing acoustic event – ‘music’, if you like. Whether it’s interpreted as torture or beauty is entirely up to the visitor.”